Here are the things I did during the week of Jan 3, 2022


I wrote the following daily posts:

Daily #31 Affordance and Developer Experience
I read The Design of Everyday Things 8 years ago. There is a story/lesson inthat book that still sticks out in my mind. It’s about door knobs. And how thedesign of a door knob can indicate how the door works (whether you push or pullto open). A good design communicates this information. This is …
Daily #32 2022 Habits and 100 Day Challenges
Work through the logistics of some new habits I’m considering around thelearning intentions I set for this year. All of the ones below the line I amstill exploring and will pull them up as I make the existing habits closer toauto pilot. Committing starting Jan 4 Daily - Record a codelog every…
Daily #33 Programming Feelings
This is a story about one of my programming students, TM, and how I ended upteaching her about feelings (while programming) this week. TM is currently working on a app that retrieves data from an API and thencreates various plots and charts from that data to display to the user. This isa her fir…
Daily #34 Time
It is so easy to be unrealistic about time. How long something will take? Howmany things you’ll able to do in a given amount of time. No one has extra time,no one has enough time. Everyone is always short on time. Jotting down thoughts on my current relationship with time: * In the last few we…
Daily #35 Uniquely Identifying Books
I’d like to have a database of books with a unique identifier for each book,such that I can relate books to users. User can find the book by ‘fuzzy’ searchand autocomplete from this database. Users who have read the same book do notcreate multiple copies of the same book. Are ISBN numbers a way…


Building a book/reading tracker. Managed to do 90 minute coding sessions all 5 days (I think, Monday was school off).

-- Resolved the ActionText install issue (as well as the Jumpstart merge conflict issue) by creating a brand new Rail7 project. Confirmed that ActionText installed fine. Then made my application changes on top of this new app

-- enum for format and reading_mode and also deployed the app to Heroku


Published next episode in the IndieHackers series for The Boron Letters part 4. Also wrote a couple to daily posts that can be extracted for CodeCurious emails.


-- Talked to Kim E. on Thursday evening. Good talk. Practiced my listening, allowing silence, asking open-ended follow-up questions

-- Indie chat with Hrishi Mittal on Friday AM. Idea of parterning to make tech/teaching content doesn't jive with my current state but may make sense long term. Will chat again in a month or so.


Antonius and Brian.