Masterlist of Types of Content

Small/quick things to do:

  • tweet code snippets or interesting tidbits while researching/learning (e.g StimulusJs)
  • record myself - a 2 min log of what I code related things I did that day.
  • record myself - "I always have to look this up" mini-screencasts (e.g how to install redis)
  • meet rails people - message rails/ruby podcast hosts after I listen, with something something specific from the episode I liked.
  • write my thoughts/reactions about programming and software industry in general and post on + other places
  • contact newsletter writers to include link to my content (e.g hotwire dev newsletter)
  • dev feelings - start a tweet thread to record these and/or also in some no-code app where others can also add to it.

From my Biz Plan document:

  1. Super practical, short how-to: for example how-to install redis, how to use pg command line
  2. Cheatsheets: for git commands, for psql command line, for sublime shortcuts (need to develop these in my day-to-day activity still)
  3. Definitions for terms: bikeshedding, paradigm, (need to build this list over time, when I read and listen to pods, write these down)
  4. My philosophies / editorial style - on code reviews, debugging, meta-thinking while programming feelings/thoughts/actions. (not as interesting to others unless they know my tech stuff first. So write down now, but publish later).
  5. Long-form posts - what is hotwire/turbo/stimulus with code examples. with real working code checked-in to my GitHub.
  6. Ah ha - review what I have already written on or for TLN and post relevant things to ("how to write effectively, code review etiquette, etc.)
  7. Rails components deep dive - build a fresh app to learn and demonstrate how to use a component. For example ActionMailbox (extracted from, sounds cool!
  8. Programming books - read and share takeaways, insights from those. Example wnb.rb bookclub, also the Rails4 Jose Vallim book on rails engines and other Rails internals.
  9. Audio explanation - job-to-be-done = learn something conceptual while on commute
  10. Student questions - keep track of answers I found, can include non-rails stuff too. example "How to get a variable from a file to another file in Node.js" from Tanisha