(Sorry for the wall of text. I do have a point and a question at the end)

It's over-communicating, more so than oversharing, probably. Looking back, one realization is that chatting every day is not sustainable nor a good idea.

(Hey I'm not complaining though I know it seems like I am. I even thank you later, keep reading). I'm still new here, to working on the Internet. And I'm working out the differences between making Internet friends and life friends in real-time. But that's something for me to figure out for myself. .

In reality, none of us have the headspace to keep up with anyone on a play-by-play basis. Moreover, I don't want to form habits or have expectations of anyone else around my work. (I don't talk to anyone daily except my immediate family members. I certainly don't talk to my closet IRL friends daily)

But there are two sides to everything – you asking what I worked on and checking on me frequently over the last few weeks certainly played a role in me doing my daily things in terms of accountability/motivation. So I thank you for that, sincerely.

My views on Internet friendships are evolving. Initially I thought that I need to really get to know few other indie people and form deeper bonds in order to actually help each other. But now I see that as "in the clouds" thinking. In practice loose connections with many people with overlapping interests/goals are very useful. Plus the former requires a big investment in time/energy which would be hard to justify given the nature of Internet connections (they can be ephemeral).

So here comes the setup for my question: What I'd like to do is have a handful to indie peeps (4-5 peeps) that I could keep up with on a rotating basis. Meeting every 4 to 6 weeks to update on each other's work and talk shop. I think that could be a good setup to build a little support network. Plus it should motivate both people to have something to share that they've shipped, this kinda social accountability works! Also since there is enough distance the other person can spot warning flags, as in 'hey you said you wanted to make X happen but sounds like you've been in some other rabbit hole last couple weeks' and help steer you back.

My question to you is this: Would you be up for trying this monthly chats? Starting in January. And with the intention of keeping it about the "finite" and "in the weeds" topics (at least 80% of the time, no excessive "in the cloud" life philosophy I promise).

Your reaction could be 'I don't like to make such commitments or plan that far ahead." And that's cool, I get it. I can put in my calendar to ping you around mid Jan and see if you're up for a call then. And we could go from there.

Sorry again about the wall of text (turned out to be more than expected when I started typing). But I've given it some thought and I wanted to communicate more directly (rather than be aloof or weird about it). As I said I'm still working out the differences between making Internet friends and life friends. It is so different. For one there is no food involved! Most of my real life friendships revolve around sharing food.

It's easy to make a lot of acquaintance online. But are we acquaintances or are we friends. On the Internet, there is not a big difference, is there? So I have now decided that we are friends.

So. Alright my friend, that is all for me. Hope it makes sense.

(And all I'm looking for in response is answer to the question. Don't feel like you need write some long response. Spend your times in your weeds instead!).