I have this recurring urge to engage on twitter and do things like 100-days-of-tweeting challenge. Why? If I am being honest, it's to get my follower count to 4 digits. It's all a perception thing, but I am pretty sure everyone hovers over and looks at that number to decide how seriously they take someone new they encounter.

Less than 1000 followers, this person's a nobody. While flying under the radar sounds just fine to me, I don't want to miss out on the possibility of connecting with my kinda interesting people because of my twitter neglect (not to mention potential customers). And I have this belief that you need a minimum of 1000 follower's to appear legit. I feel like once I have that number, my brain would be done with this recurring thought. And I'd be fine with letting things coast and evolve naturally. (As of now that's how I feel. I know there is a risk of keep moving that 'goal post'. I recall hearing Courtland say on the IH pod once that he was in some group chat where everyone's goal was to get to 100k followers on twitter. why? no reason, it would just be cool. Hm..sigh. It's all relative, this number thing).

On the other hand, the other part of my brain is like why does it matter. I am not going to spend time tweeting just for some number. (Also do I even know what it will take or if tweeting would even work). I am too cool to care. It's a pride thing. An ego thing.

I only tweeted a handful of times, once every few weeks for most of 2021 I think (I'm not sure, I should check, but it's on the block list).

I actually don't mind twitter. It hasn't been that distracting for me. I don't feel like I waste too much time on it. Probably because 1. I have it blocked most of the work day, except evening. 2. I don't have too many twitter friends so most of the time it's boring to be scrolling and reading random updates.

Ironically if I start tweeting and collecting followers and hopefully friends, then this will change. I will find it distracting and could get sucked into wasting time.

The thing that I like about Twitter is DMs. I use it to send messages to people whose work I like. If I find something they made useful, or if I listen to podcast interviews and find resonance in their story, I tell them that.  

I keep it short and simple. Most people reply and are thankful. That's it. I don't follow that up with anything else. It's mostly about putting out some positive vibes out there in the universe.

I have stopped doing this over the last few months. This would be one reasonable thing to restart. The other thing of first-hand tweeting, I guess I do have things to share (book notes, etc.). The only way this will happen is if I work it in my process. I don't want to do this whenever. So after I publish newsletter, make a little thread and post. Time box it. Don't want to dwell on it too much. And just do it.