This one is about a teacher entrepreneur named Harry Dry of Marketing Examples. I like studying other indie businesses and their founders. I noticed I've been doing this subconsciously over the last couple years. I am curious about how things evolve in their businesses over a longer period of time. With the idea of teasing out lessons and data points and learning from their experience.

One of them is Harry Dry of Marketing Examples. I've been on his email list for a while. Things have been quiet until today. He sent an email announcing a free copywriting website, a swipe file. I first came across his work from the IndieHacker's podcast, must have been. Then much later saw that he was involved in WeekendClub as well, sort of.

(I have not directly spoken to most of these people I study. These are observations from a distance and I make some assumptions as well, which could be way off).

I recall that he announced marketing course last year, spring or summer of 2021 I think. He collected emails but not payments and I don't recall too much detail other than the fact it was a nicely designed unique looking landing page. According to the landing page the course was suppose to be ready in fall of 2021. I haven't seen any communication around that, I assumed it's just taking longer than expected (as it goes with making a course. Making any course is hard. Making a good course is really hard, where you care about having it be all awesome and 'epic' and a masterpiece.)

Aside: If you're a teacher at heart you care too much about the pedagogical aspects of the thing. Making it be cohesive and making it flow and the whole thing is more than just recording the individual lessons. You're better off having the mindset that "I'm gonna do it in a quick and dirty way" for your first course. At least that's how I know I'll need to approach it. Otherwise it'll never get done, never even get started by me!

Back to Harry of Marketing Examples. He's gotta an audience. Like real fans and supporters who are ready to buy from him. 100k+ followers on Twitter, close to that on his email list. People know him, he has trust and credibility. I've heard his name mentioned on a few podcasts randomly with people being impressed by his work. He's been on IndieHacker podcast, he's well regarded in the indie community. And he has provided a lot of value already in terms of free content.

Given all this, I'm eager to see how this new thing fares for him. By that I mean the copywriting course. I hope it works out for him. Financially. (because if not, what hope is there for the rest of us wanna be teache-preneurs hah). He is young, like in his 20s I think. So he's got time to experiment and try different things either way.

This move from a 'marketing course' to 'copywriting course' is a good one, it seems to me. There is no such skill as 'business' and I think similar reasoning applies to learning 'marketing'. That's too broad. I will teach you copywriting is much more concrete and specific. And there is already a business, that I've studied, focused on teaching copywriting, been around for more than a decade and it's owner is financially independent (age ~40 I think).  So there is some data points there.