Talking to people causes disturbances in the calm waters of our mind. At least for introverted people. It takes energy (to process), as opposed to giving us energy. Not in a bad way. Often in an important way that makes you productively think or reflect. Hopefully. With the right types of people.

One of the ways it disturbs my calm waters is that it energies and inspires me to the point of creating a desire to do more things faster (than I can time realistically do).

I tried that mode and it hasn't worked for me. Do all the things, many things at once, jump between things. That's no good for me. My current theme this year is less things / small steps / slow but steady.

So the below is a pep talk to myself to stay the course, while continuing to have conversations and make friends in the indie world (maybe I shall read it as a reminder after future chats).

Here it goes:

We all know that you've gotta walk before you run. And you need to crawl before you walk. Even before that, you need to be able to sit up for a long period of time without getting wobbly or falling over (people who are parents may have a clear picture of their infant doing that). For tiny humans this process takes 6 to 9 months – from sitting up to walking. That's a long time, it's more than 1/2 their life.

When we look around in the indie world, there are so many examples of people at the a walking and running stage. Because these are the impressive stages or at least more visible stages (where you can be interviewed on podcasts and have public conversations on Twitter about your experience running a SaaS). And all of those stories are inspiring as heck. Real concrete proof points. Of real people. Who are not that dissimilar to me.

I have to be careful not to start emulating the current behaviors of those examples though. Babies who are still learning to sit up or crawl, when they see other older children running around, don't suddenly stand up and start running! (It does motivate them though, to keep practicing at their stage, getting stronger and growing because the running and jumping looks so fun. The 2nd child learns to walk a bit earlier than the first child as they can see a constant example of what's possible. And there are still physical constrains around developing the muscle strengths. It takes time.).

The above is all a peptalk to myself to continue my current M.O. of slow and steady. Small steps count. One thing for a long time. To not waver in my time realistic workflows in spite of interactions with other indies that energize and inspire me. In fact, let those chats energize me to stay on my path in my lane because I can see examples of what's possible if do (in time, years not weeks).

I've learned that I can think faster and farther than most. But that's mere thinking. Taking action, doing, manifesting into reality still has those physical constraints. It takes time. So I need pace myself. Commitment and faith, trust the process. And keep talking to people. That's an important piece of the journey too – build relationships and connections. In a way that is productive for me. And because I like people and it's fun.