Daily #37 Tiny Kicks Tiny Kicks Keep It Close

That is a motto from a kids Soccer class. And there are three rules that go along with it:

Rule #2 is 'try your best'

Rule #3 is 'believe in your self' (kids say this while pointing both thumbs to their shoulders.)

I've always thought that these two rules are applicable to entrepreneurial pursuits. Or anything where there is not roadmap, no playbook.

They fall in line with my phrases that I came up with recently to keep myself grounded – commitment (to consistent action) and faith (or trust in the process)

Rule #1 is something I had dismissed but I am finding a parallel for it now. Rule #1 is 'listen to your coach'. I used to think, in this indie solopreneur world, I gotta be self-sufficient and figure it out on my own. There is no 'coach' person that has all the answers. And that's true but now I'd translate this rule to be 'talk to people and make friends' Talk to people who have overlapping goals/interests and make friends in a way that is productive and useful to both.

So yeah Rule#1 is application as well.

Coming back to this main slogan of The main slogan of Tiny kicks tiny kicks keep it close. What does that have to do with building a business? As I've learned recently, that's everything. Small steps count. Slow but steady. One thing for a long time. These are phrases I think of when I need to center myself and ground myself. But now I can substitute tiny kicks tiny kicks to mean the same thing.

Commitment to consistent action.

Faith in the process.

Talk to people / make friends

Small steps count.