I'd like to have a database of books with a unique identifier for each book, such that I can relate books to users. User can find the book by 'fuzzy' search and autocomplete from this database. Users who have read the same book do not create multiple copies of the same book.

Are ISBN numbers a way to do this? I am assuming books have different ISBN numbers depending on the format. So a paperbook would have a different number than a paper book? (I am assuming, haven't looked into this yet). That doesn't really work for my use case, I actually do not want to distinguish between formats. If someway has read a given book in paperback and someone else has listened to the audiobook, I still want it to count as the same book.

So how do I do that? That's what I need to research next.

Another, related thing, I'd like to do is be able to auto fill-in the author's name based on the book title. I wonder if there is a resource (API) where I could look up book author's given the title or ISBN or something. The main advantage of this featue would be to allow users to enter book in a more frictionless way. Like if they didnt remember or didn't know how to spell the author's name, they don't have to worry about it.

Don't have answers yet, but clear on the questions I plan to research.

(Typing this from 11:50 to 11:59, just under the time today. But I didn't miss it.)