Daily #32 2022 Habits and 100 Day Challenges

Work through the logistics of some new habits I'm considering around the learning intentions I set for this year. All of the ones below the line I am still exploring and will pull them up as I make the existing habits closer to auto pilot.

Committing starting Jan 4

Daily - Record a codelog every day after my working session and post it on "theleafnode" YT channel (min 2 mins, no more than 10 minutes).  Optionally share in 'dev' channel of WC. Watch at the end of the week to improve / iterate. Practise not saying 'umm'

Weekly - send M a weekly written update and then verbally talk to him / show him stuff. Maybe on Fridays. Tell him what I'm thinking for next week.

Learning: Speaking - get better at talking to people, high quality conversations (sharable, record-able ones, i.e podcast)


record some of my daily writing.

record more "thinking out loud" episodes (bi-weekly or monthly, don't want to get too meta. would prefer to talk about things I've done already not things I have thought about)

record more startup articles or excepts from books I'm already reading.

record my book notes (and distribute them along with the IH series...hm.)

Learning: Interviewing/Listening


Indie Chats - try to get to everyone in the WC catchup channel (even if it seems like we don't have anything in common..?)

Repeat Chats in WC - try to get to know these people better and learn from them/ask their advice - Trey, Richa, Hrishi. Reach out to Z about Shopify.

Twitter peeps - Reach out to Helen again. Get back into DMs to peeps whose work I like.

Have one indie chat (new person or repeat) each week. Or at least reach out to someone once a week and try to make it happen.

Learning: Writing, take it to the next level


Keep doing the daily writing. Themed weeks to experiment with more 'controversial' topics - SW industry then gender stuff then my life story. In that order (not ready to tackle the last two but definitely ready to write + share my observations and opinions around the first topic. And ready to get feedback - even the negative kind or the 'I don't know what you mean, I don't get it' kind)

Learning: Teaching at scale


record teaching screencasts.

record explainer videos. Explain concepts with powerpoint type presentation (workshop prep). Start with beginner command line, beginner and advance git, editors, deploying stuff (with netlify, vercel, etc.)

Communicating weekly updates + my thinking to M. What I am trying to do and why. Make it all about actions (not thoughts).

  • experiment about the format and frequency.