Last couple days of the year 2021 are upon us. I feel no desire to make plans, list out my next 20 steps or make a laundry list of goals for 2022. I haven't thought too far ahead (for once!) and don't really feel the need to. I know what I'm doing the next 2 weeks and that's good enough. I'd like to say I feel 100% comfortable with this new mode of operation, but that's not quite true. I do feel a bit uneasy and outside my comfort zone. But I am trying to quit overthinking (and get out of my head) and this new mode is helping with that.

So no plans or goals. However, there are skills I want to learn or skills that I want to take to the next level. So I will write those down here with the purpose of setting the intention and that's all.

Interviewing - listening intently. Asking good follow-up questions. For customers, potential customers, students and also founder friends. This is in the interest of becoming a student of reality. What do real people actually do or think about X, how do they really use Y.

Storytelling - stories around teaching, stories about my product. And later my own story. By writing first then recording.

So those two things basically add up to get better at talking to people :) I already enjoy talking to people one-on-one but I want to intentionally make podcast-worthy high quality conversations/interviews eventually. So these skills are in preparation of that.

Writing - next level writing. Writing essays to make a point. Even on potentially controversial topics (all within the software industry to start off with. I have many opinions and observations and things that need to be said). I want to write thought provoking things.

Community building - brand new to this. start learning from first principles. The theory around what makes a good community. Learn from books and reading but also from talking to people I already know who run communities.

Teaching at scale - via workshop, cohort based things. Also teaching via writing and screencasting. Also find my style around marketing my teaching - ranking for questions in search + youtube (SEO).

I have no specific expectations or measurable metrics in mind around the above intentions. One possible desirable side effect could be a podcast full of conversations. Or screencasts + audio recordings of SW topics.

If I find a way to consistently put a drop in the bucket over a long time, I can consider it a success.