Let me collect all the silly jokes I can think of in one place.

This is a holiday week technically, the days between xmas and new years. So I will write more lighter (and less time consuming things). Because I still feel like writing and keeping up with this daily habit.

Here we go:


What did the baby volcano say to the mommy volcano?
I lava you


Do you wanna hear my new Fibonacci joke?
Nah. Nevermind. It's as bad as the last two combined.


Do you wanna hear a joke about sodium?

That one is from siri


Where do pencils go on vacation?

That one is courtesy of R (so proud)


Why is six afraid of seven?
Because. Seven eight nine!

An oldie but goody. First joke I ever taught R.


I didn't understand why the baseball kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger
Then it hit me.

This one's from Siri also. I can picture C saying it over and over and over again.


How do you put a baby astronaut to sleep?
In a rock-et.

Also from Siri

Okay come on. There is gotta be more. Hm. Can't think of any more kids ones.

Here are some lines from friends that crack me up to this day. (Not kid appropriate!)


What kinda scary ass clowns came to your birthday party?

Chandler to Joey when they are trying to pick out which one of two babies is the one they 'lost' on a nyc bus. One baby is wearing a onsie with ducks and another one has clowns. Joey say let's go with ducks because "ducks have heads". The next line could have been "but clowns have heads too" but no that is so meak compared to the what the genious friends writers came up with.


Rachel showing Joey a purse/man bag/shoulder bag

Joey: that's a women's purse
Rachel: no it's unisex
Joey: maybe you need sex. I had sex couple days ago.
Rachel: no no no. u-n-i-sex
Joey: well ain't gonna say no to that

Those puns are...no words.


Joey doesn't share food. This line spoken while dusting off a piece of food from a plate of food that fell on the ground, about to go in his mouth.

When it comes to food, I have certain rules. There are things you do and there are things you don't do.