I heard something more than once, in independent places, within the span of a few days. I should write it down in the "Life Insights" file in my Evernotes. (The last entry in there was months ago, I guess I haven't had any insights in a while). The possible insight is this:

Don't wait. Don't defer the thing you really want to do. Don't plan to do X and then after X is done plan to do the thing you really feel called to do.

The first place where I saw this was in the The Boron Letters (chapter 5):

Usually, when someone asks me what is the #1 big secret to making money I tell them they should get involved in whatever excites them the most.
This is good advice. Money, in my opinion, especially big money, is most often a by product of enthusiasm. If a person, secretly in his heart, wants to be an architect, he shouldn't go into selling real estate, for example, just because he has heard that that is where the money is. The money is where the enthusiasm is.

The second place I heard this was on the My First Million pod. Shaan Puri telling Hasan Minhaj about advice from a Twitch executive about not waiting. Or doing a thing you don't like for 5 years so then you can do the thing you really want to do. That usually doesn't work out and people don't ever end up doing the other thing.

This insight has bit of a caveat though. Not everyone has the privilege required to just go do the thing they really want to do.

This also jives with the two things NG told me when I resigned. He said it's good that I'm going all in. And he shared that he had tried doing his own thing a while ago but he always had one foot in the corporate world and eventually went to back to being an engineering executive. And that he still wants to do his own thing. But I see on LinkedIn that he is tool another job as an EVP of engineering (The 2nd thing he told me is that "it will be lonely, even for an introvert like you" hah, yeah. I didn't believe him. I did take full 2 years before I felt like I really need to talk to other people though)

This advice/insight has layers though. Even within doing your own thing. My interest in the shopify ecosystem and doing a B2B SaaS stems from the 4M thing. It's been about 10 days since I decided to set that aside for now. Still figuring out how to more directly pursue what I really want to do.

One approach (as mentioned in MFM) is figuring out what you need, in terms of money, skills, connections to do the thing you really want to do. And then work on acquiring those.