I've narrowed down 3 main culprits for my lack of visible progress in my entrepreneurial journey over the last few months. And below thread hints at one of them. I'll come back to that one at the end.

The first 2 reasons I got out of my Friday chat with D.

Looking for a guarantee

When learning and doing research on subjects outside of my wheelhouse (e.g. marketing, sales), I've been looking for patterns and fundamental truths. I think I've founds some, which is good. But going beyond that I think I've been looking for a roadmap as well. I am ready to work hard and actually want to work hard. Bu before I do that, I want to prove to myself that if I do x, y and z for 2 years it will result in some desirable outcome. I am looking at other people and what they've done and looking to collect data points based on their experience. And I've successfully found some data points. I keep looking for more. Like a playbook to follow that will more or less guarantee success. There is no such thing.

[Add story of the a fitness thing, where there are some guarantees. I just did it, for 12 weeks got all checkmarks every day. No execuses. No overthinking. Just followed the process. Kept a log of weekly progress which was helpful]

Scarcity mindset, in terms of time

This feeling that I don't want to waste any of work time working on the wrong thing or making avoidable mistakes that cost me a lot of time. So I don't dive into anything and work on it long enough unless I can prove ahead of time that it'll work. If I see it not working then I bolt and look for something else to do. This is also related to this fear. Fear of working hard on something (making sacrifices in other aspect of life) and then having that thing not get traction, having that thing fail. The imagined pain from this potential outcome has prevented me from throwing myself into something and working hard on it. Partly because, I know this:

Traction is more connected to underlying demand than founder effort. Effort in != Revenue out. So just because I work hard on something, doesn't mean it has to work out. Those two things are not related in that way. (The above from Justin Jackson newsletter from this week but the lesson I learned 1.5 years ago and Courtland Allen has also mentioned this on the IH pod a few times).

This last one is from the above thread on WeekendClub. And this one is the main culprit I think.

Head in the clouds

"doing anything results in– It’s actually kind of tragic because it means you sacrifice how gorgeous and perfect it is in your head for what it really is”


"I oscillate between being lost in the cloud and buried in the weeds"

Well put. Precisely. I am surprised to read this. And how well it resonates with my thoughts. Theoretically I know I'm not unique (none of us are), but still is surprising to run into kindred spirits on the Internet. Just casually dropping by.

So back to 'what is your problem Bhumi', I think it's this. I've come to this bittersweet place where I've done the learning and planning and researching (and I've enjoyed that process). Now it's time go for it. Sift to action, to manifestation.

This prediction that the reality won't be a match for what's been in my head is correct. It won't. But it's also true that while there is comfort in the clouds there is joy in the weeds. And even when that joy is accompanied by pain and discomfort, it's worth it. I've experience the joy of being in the weeds and actually manifesting my dreams into reality before. No matter how imperfect and messy and painful it feels in the moment, it always feels worthwhile in the end. While being in the clouds is comfortable, it's unsatisfying after some time.

Only thing left to do is match my passion for a vision with stoic execution. Muddle through the messy parts of this journey. One day at a time. But also one thing for a long time.