I read this on Twitter. And I immediately added 'at first' at the end of that sentence in my head. Worth doing poorly, at first right? because we all know something worth doing is worth doing well. But maybe the original sentence is better, no pressure.

In this context, I am thinking about creating teaching content, especially recorded content (e.g. screencasts).

There is so much tech content out there, tutorials, blog posts on every language, framework, and tool. I want mine to be good, not add to the noise. I want it to be clear and concise and... . High expectations I have of my teaching. That's a problem for taking action. So I'll stop that train of thought in it's track.

Instead I want to continue what I started earlier this year. Practice. Just Practice.

At the beginning of this year I did this 30 day challenge of recording myself every day. Just to improve at speaking clearly and confidently and slowly and not saying 'umm'. I hadn't ever recorded myself so it felt so unnatural to start. My only goal was to do it so it doesn't feel unnatural. I didn't have to share or publish this, that was not part of the challenge I made up for myself. (I had almost forgotten about this but now I'll think I'll go ahead and share it in WeekendClub, some of the essays might be interesting to others despite my audio rendition).

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Then, later in the year I recorded 15 screencasts in June/July. It didn't feel unnatural to do that. I recorded a short podcast of me talking to myself. Oof. That was cringe-worthy. But I am proud of myself of having it done it. Having started. Not only I created those things, this time I shared them openly too (emails to CodeCurious list, shared in WeekendClub, etc.) and people gave me feedback.

Those are steps in the right direction. How do I keep practicing this talking/recording skill?

Maybe I'll record audio versions of these daily writings. Maybe not all, but at least some, the ones that are more sharable (No Bhumi, no new commitments. Still do the 2 things I committed to for two more weeks before adding more).

I do want to get better at talking and recording myself and making screencasts. I deem this to be a worthwhile thing to do poorly. If I do it poorly for one whole year, I'll be proud of myself for practicing at least. (also this is needed for my future ATFM dreams, especially my mental models podcast and all my other podcast ideas. In addition to talking, listening+asking questions are also skills I want to practice).