Boron Letters: Advice on Copywriting - Part 7

Chapter 24 Getting customer's attention

Reasons for stopping a habit, in this case of writing letters:

  • he wants to review some reference material and take notes to have more coherent things to write
  • he wants the son to type up the first 25 letters
  • he is going to focus on other work - filing a motion to get out of prison early. He has couple promotions to create in partnership with his "bankers"

[Lesson] - asking other people for their comments and feedback. The author seems to do this with all of his work, his promotion copy, his other writing. This has the side benefit of working in partnership with others and building up momentum.

[personal aside] I don't do this as much. I've observed others do this. And it seems to be I ought to be doing more of it too, making it a point of asking others for comments and feedback. My reason usually is that I don't want bother others. Either I think it's good enough in that case why bother others. OR if I think it's way far off from good. In that case, since I already know it's not good yet, I don't want to make someone else tell me that. I should just do the work to fix it first. etc. So that's been my reasoning. But I think that's flawed. Different people just see things from a different perspective and may spot things or bring up something I missed. So it usually doesn't hurt to ask.

The author turns to the topic of impact and ties it back to attaching things, like the baggy of dirt or a dollar bill, at the top of his letter to get the reader's attention

Initially I thought this kinda thing wouldn't work today and sounds dated. However I recently came across a site that allows sales people to send a small gift to their prospects (even if you don't have their mailing address, as long as you have their email address). And this is legit way to get attention still.

The author warns against using 'cheap tricks' again and reminds us that whatever you attach needs to be relevant to what you are selling and it needs to 'fit in' for it to be effective.

Chapter 25 What to do when you're feeling 'off'

I noticed that in this last two letters, the author repeats things he has shared before. And that I think is by design and repetition is one of the lessons.

[Lesson] Being 'off' and recognizing when you are off. When you are not aware and on top of things. Reminder about HALT (hungry, angry, lonely, tired).

There is a lot of melancholy in this letter. I would have thought he'd end on a high note.

It's serious. I'm missing L like crazy right now, I am missing my freedom, I am angry about having to be here, I am diminished by my previous confrontation, I am weak from fasting, I am tired (albeit pleasantly) from my long run and all the time I spend in the sun and, in general, I am a bit weakened. I am starting to make mistakes.

His plan now is to lay low for a while and regroup.

[Aside] I recently heard this from people who record videos. They don't do it when they're feeling low energy and not mentally on top of it. Because people can tell, they'd give off different vibes.

[Writing is different I think. If I am feeling grumpy I can still write. It might not be what you publish but you can always just type and edit later.]

I pay attention to myself and when I am off, I drop out of sight and do what is necessary to strengthen myself. It is important here, it is important out there, and it is especially important in business dealings. People can smell it when you are weak. When you are vulnerable. They can smell success too. They can sniff out a winner. And you can't fake it. Not for long. You've got to be it!

There is not too much copywriting and marketing advice in this last letter except to say that the times in his life where he's made the most money is when he is aware and on top of things.

And we end with this:

One of the things I have learned here is how precious the good times and the good people are. I hope I have learned never again to not take fare of my special relationships. Like the one I have with you. Let's remember we've got something very special and really take care of it.

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