All About AI - a newsletter for AI enthusiasts

I'm excited! Super pumped, actually! About ChatGPT, GPT-4, OpenAI and all those things? Yes. But more so, I'm excited about my decision to give myself permission (and time!) to explore and follow my curiosity on these topics. I plan to read, build, learn and share. The sharing part is where this newsletter comes in. Come follow along friends!

I plant to start sharing:

  • News and announcements. Trying to keep up all the AI news can be exhausting. My aim will be keep this as short as possible.
  • How businesses are incorporating AI into their products (e.g. I just signed up for # GPT-powered Stripe Docs)
  • Cool AI projects I find from the Indie business and bootstrapping communities
  • New tools and plugins and techniques for building useful things with OpenAI
  • How I'm using GPT for my day-to-day software development tasks. Also how I recommend using ChatGPT to actually learn to code (I've shown this to my students/mentees).
  • Some geeking out our how ChatGPT works under-the-hood.
  • What some of the smartest (and richest) people think about all this and its implications

All About AI