30 Days of Drawing

30 Days of Drawing

All of my March habits fell apart as the pandemic unraveled our routines. But I ended up drawing everyday in April/May

I found a sketchbook in the house and a learn-to-draw kids book one day and started sketching these drawing. And then kept going. So this one was not a premeditated habit, but a spontaneous one.

I used a sketchbook that I had bought more than 10 years ago! and a regular 0.9mm mechanical pencil. That is all. It was a surprisingly enjoyable way to spend 1o to 15 minutes each day. I will continue with this habit at least until I finish all 365 drawings because it's fun. 🖋

P.S. I am not an artist nor a visual designer or a particularly creative person - just someone who is obsessed with forming / analyzing habits

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